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The SEAF Investor Forum Brussels

November 29, 2017

A eficiência energética pode ser um investimento atraente e lucrativo

Edifícios e Energia 27/11/2017

Techno-economic and business case assessment of multi-energy microgrids with co-optimization of energy, reserve and reliability services

Applied Energy Journal Paper 29/08/2017

Bruxelas recebe SEAF Investor Forum em Novembro

Edifícios e Energia 25/08/2017

Energy efficiency services: How a financing tool is building trust

Engerati 30/03/2017

Ten Questions Concerning Smart Districts

Building and Environment Journal paper 23/03/2017

RTE and Carrefour's demand flexibility deal - why is it significant?

Engerati 07/03/2017

Energy efficiency financing: New online tool helps projects ‘fly’

Engerati 01/03/2017

Energy efficiency Europe: The battle for project financing

Engerati 08/02/2017

Portugal tem «futuro vibrante» na área da eficiência energética

Vidaimobilária 15/11/2016

Investor Days ambicionam alterar o cenário da eficiência energética na Europa

Edifícios e Energia 10/10/2016

UK financial service provider ploughs £3m into energy efficiency

Engerati 11/08/2016

Europe in renewed push for energy efficiency

The Fifth Estate 24/05/2016

Deutsche Bank, SocGen Push for Profit From Cutting Energy Use

Bloomberg Quint 20/05/2016

European project SEAF launched: helping SMEs access funding for energy efficiency projects

PR Newswire 17/02/2016

As ESE mais pequenas são cruciais para o crescimento do mercado

Edifícios e Energia 11/02/2016

Eficiência Energética : Um desafio para as empresas

Edifícios e Energia 24/01/2016

Joule Plans $150 Million Fund for Companies to Cut Energy Waste

Bloomberg New Energy Finance Blog 27/04/2015

Joule Assets Expands First-in-Kind Energy Efficiency Financing Solutions in Europe

PR Newswire 21/10/2014