eQuad for Contractors

ESCOs, engineering firms, and construction companies can access appropriate investment for their energy efficiency projects.

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Performance Insurance

To mitigate risk for investors, eQuad projects developers are eligible to apply for and receive Energy Efficiency Insurance provided by HSB Engineering Insurance, a division of Munich Re (rated A++ by A.M. Best Company). The policy—specifically designed for investors in energy conservation measures, energy service companies, and those financing energy saving projects—covers assets installed, project revenue generated, and energy savings shortfalls.

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Project certification

eQuad provides quick access to Investor Confidence Project IREE™ (Investor Ready Energy efficiency™) certification.  IREE™ certification denotes compliance with comprehensive technical standards and provides assurance to investors, owners, and other project participants that certified projects have been well engineered and have predictable savings projections.

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Due Diligence

Before projects are presented to potential investors, preliminary financial and technical due diligence is completed; contract review is performed prior to meeting an investor. This ensures that projects are investible and meet a fund's specific investment criteria, thereby smoothing the path to and expediting successful investment.

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Investor Network

Once the review is complete, the investor-ready project is presented—based on defined investment criteria—to suitable investors. As of November 2017, the eQuad investor network represented €1.2 billion of ready-to- deploy project finance.

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Standardized project descriptions

Easy-to-understand project outlines for fund and investment professionals.

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Document Management

A streamlined document management system simplifies keeping track of, providing access to, and storing project documents.

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