WEBINAR SERIES - The Power of Energy Efficiency

26 February 2019 - 11 April 2019

10:00-11:00 GMT

The Power of Energy Efficiency

Join Joule Assets Europe for their webinar series, the Power of Energy Efficiency, which will be focusing on how to strengthen the commercial case for energy efficiency, discussing business model best practice, commercial strategy, risk management, and finance. 


According to SEAI, Ireland has a €3 billion investment potential in Energy Efficiency - which will deliver a Net Present Value (NPV) – net savings – of €8 billion.  This is equivalent to nearly a quarter of primary energy demand in 2013 (nearly 35 TWh) – more than what is needed to fulfil Ireland’s 2020 carbon targets. While at the moment Ireland is off course to meeting its carbon reduction goals by 2020, there is enormous commercial opportunity for energy efficiency providers – and the time to tap into this market potential has never been better.  

The question remains – how can energy efficiency experts tap into this potential and get projects off the ground? Join us to hear from top experts in energy efficiency on how to make it work, from business models to risk management and finance.  

The first of the webinar series will kick off on Tuesday 26th of February and will run until the beginning of April and will be followed up in Q2 with live workshops at IGBC premises.  


  • How to engage end users and sell energy efficiency;

  • How to make energy efficiency/energy service business models work; 

  • How to think like a financier: distinguish between critical and manageable risk in order to grow; 

  • How to access off balance sheet project finance and leverage it to accelerate pipeline growth; 

  • What are the tools available now to create stakeholder trust in energy efficiency and scale up your business?


Energy service companies (ESCOs), engineers and consultants, development managers and sustainability professionals with an ambition to improve the process of energy efficiency project uptake in their own businesses or for their clients.


To be at the forefront of a fast-changing industry and gain insights and contribute to a sustainable, energy efficient future. This webinar training will provide an ideal platform to learn energy efficiency best practices and discuss the implementation of innovative solutions with your peers and experts. 

At the end of the series you will have a better understanding of how energy efficiency professionals can accelerate their own growth as business through practical insights into improving business models and sales, managing risk, accessing finance, and demystifying fear or scepticism energy users may have towards Energy Performance Contracting.


Start: Tuesday 26 February 2018, 10:00-11:00 GMT

End: Thursday 11 April 2018, 10:00-11:00 GMT

Sessions details


Webinar: “EPC – Business models, project types, risk factors”

Date: 26 February 2019


Webinar: “Developing the commercial process for EPC and EaaS”

Date: 7 March 2019

Webinar: “Developing sellable, investable client contracts”

Date: 19 March 2019


Webinar: “Energy efficiency finance: Key considerations prior to engaging with investors”

Date: 2 April 2019

Webinar: “Negotiating with investors and accelerating deal closure”

Date: 11 April 2019